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Sudoku Tips×

The game’s objective is to insert the numbers 1 through 9 into the grid so that each number is unique to every row, every column and every block (3x3 fields).

You can insert a number into a field simply by clicking or tapping it with your finger. If you wish to remove the number from the field just click it again.

Which digit will be inserted next you can see at the numbers array next to the grid, as well as at your mouse pointer on a desktop operating system. In order to change this digit you can either tap it on the numbers array, hit a number key on your keyboard, or turn your mouse wheel.

Before inserting a final digit you also have the option to mark fields with potential number candidates by setting the “Candidate markings” mode to “on”, or clicking your mouse while pressing the option key [alt], the control key [ctrl] or the command key [cmd]. You can also remove one of those candidate markings by clicking again in the same way.